• Eungella Recreation Reserve

    Eungella Recreation Reserve, Eungella QLD, Australia .

    The park protects many unusual plants and animals, including the Eungella dayfrog, Mackay tulip oak, Eungella spiny cray and Eungella honeyeater. This isolated mountain refuge lies close to the boundary between subtropical and tropical rainforests and supports species from both vegetation types.

    Much of the park is remote and inaccessible and is dissected by gorges. Rainforest dominates the area, but open eucalypt woodland grows on Dick's Tableland in the rugged north-western part of the park. Flowering bottlebrushes and tall river she-oaks line the meandering Broken River—home to platypus.

    Discover a magical, mountainous place where the tropics and subtropics meet, and where the traditional homelands of the Yuwibara and Widi people come together.

  • Broken River Platypus Viewing Areas

    Eungella National Park, Queensland, Australia .

    Broken River Platypus Veiwing areas and walking trails.

  • Eungella Dam

    Eungella Dam Camping Grounds, Eungella Dam QLD, Australia .

    Eungella Dam - Camping Area

    Eungella Dam is a great spot to fish, enjoy watersports, boating, and camping.

  • Diggings Campground

    Diggings Road, Eungella QLD, Australia .

    A great place to swim and explore.  A public campground with compost toilets.  Spot a platypus, pan for gold, relax and soak up the serenity.  Great place for bird watching. 

  • Sky Window Lookout

    Sky Window Lookout Picnic Area, Eungella QLD, Australia .

    Sky Window Lookout boasts a picnic area, walking trails and lookouts.  A great spot to relax with the family.